Thought: ‘The old self must die for the new and true self to be born’

This week we are asked to reflect on the idea that Jesus is calling all of us to change, to repent and begin again. To become new creations though the death within us of sin, selfishness, pride, anger...

At this time when we see new life all around us, the buds on the trees ready to burst, the daffodils by the roadsides, we are reminded that from the apparent death of nature during the winter comes the spring sun and new life.

We pray to You, Father, with confidence that You are a God who is close to us in understanding, in forgiving and accepting each of us.

We come before You with memories of selfishness and sin, and relationships that are painful and twisted.

Heal us so that we can love more, so that we can forgive others and allow your forgiveness to be a strength in our lives. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

Please remember in your prayers:

Those who have died recently, the homeless and socially isolated, those who find it hard to forgive.