Lord, You teach us truth, Lord, You guide us in the way of love. Lord, You lead us to the joys of heaven.

This week we are invited to reflect on the meaning of education. What does it mean to be an educated person? One answer to that question could be that to be educated is to have developed our faculties to their fullest potential; physical, mental and spiritual. Education, understood in this way, is always related to growth, growth towards the completeness that God intends us to attain, each in a unique, different way.

Father, we give thanks for the gift of education passed from one generation to the other, for words and speech through which we can see into each other’s thoughts and experiences.

We thank You for the knowledge that teaches us how the world is made and how we belong to it; for the skills by which we harness and direct the world, its energies and resources.

May we be given the grace to recognise how best to use the knowledge we have to serve the needs of the world, helping to make it a happier, safer and more just place.