‘You cannot cure or be cured unless you love’ (Catherine de Huek Doherty)

We are invited this week to think about being grateful and saying thank you. Saying thank you should be much more than good manners; it is recognition that we have something to be genuinely grateful for and so we express it with a word or act of thanks. To take what we receive for granted is to experience life at a shallow level. The gifts we receive from God are obvious as we look at our lives and all of us have been touched by Christ as we seek meaning, purpose and healing in our lives.

Thank you, Lord that I can see; so many are blind.

Thank you, Lord that I can hear; so many are deaf.

Thank you, Lord that I can walk; so many are crippled.

Thank you, Lord, that I have food; so many are hungry.

Thank you, Lord that I have shelter; so many are homeless.

Thank you, Lord, for the touch of a friendly hand; so many are lonely.

Thank you, Lord, for sharing your cross with me;

it helps me to grow and discover who I am.

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings.