‘If you want to make the world a better place, forgive someone for what they’ve said or done’.

This week in the Gospel reading we are once more presented with the story of the prodigal (wasteful) son. This story is a constant reminder to us that we are like the son; we have wasted our talents and turned away from God, our Father. Yet in spite of this, the Father is willing to welcome us with open arms.

Yet it is not simply that we are saved and our debt to God set aside, it is that we are loved by God.

We pray to you, Father, with confidence that You are a God who is close to us in understanding, in forgiving and accepting each of us. We come before You with memories of selfishness and sin, and relationships that are painful and twisted. Heal us so that we can love more, so that we can forgive others and allow Your forgiveness to be a strength in our lives.