Nobody expected Him just like that: a baby, a manger, a stable, young parents from a village in the hills.

Nobody expected that His first visitors would be shepherds, little thought of in the eyes of the great. Yes He has come; but not as we expected.

We reflect this week on the meaning of ‘God with us!’ The love of God made present for each one of us in our homes, communities, and the world. Yet present in a way few have ever understood, in the form of a child; Jesus.

In the last few days of waiting we pray that Jesus will come to live in each one of us. Come to live in our school, families, parishes and local communities as we try to share with each other the love that God is offering us in the birth of Jesus.

Father, forgive us for all that is within that is unprepared for your Son’s coming: our neglect of other people’s needs, our involvement in what is trivial and our indifference to what is of lasting importance, our idleness in prayer and lack of attention to your Word.  Help us to be ready for his coming so that we may run to meet him with love, adoration and gratitude. Amen