‘If you really want to see God, look carefully at the world he has created’ (Anthony de Mello)

We remember this week the visit of the three wise men who after a long and hazardous journey, seeking Christ, found Jesus in a stable. What made them wise? It was surely the fact that, while his own people did not want to know him, they recognised in Jesus, a child, the Saviour of the world.

So what unites us today? What does Christ mean to us?

Shine brightly star of God, and guide our wandering world to where a Prince of Peace is born. Where children wish upon a star or wise men scan the Universe in hope. Let your bright light surround their dreams, and guide their feet to where a miracle is born. Let us offer to our God, now seen and touched in a straw filled bed, the best gifts of the world: our joy, our grief, our self. Amen.