‘Love is the key. For those in love, Moslem, Christian, and Jew do not exist. Why listen to those who see it another way? If they're not in love their eyes do not exist’. (Rumi)

Next week has been set aside as a special week of prayer for Unity. All Christians have a role to play in the movement towards unity. Only as a united church can Christianity fulfil its mission to make the Good News, that Jesus proclaimed, a reality in the world today.

A great Cardinal of the church once said, ‘in order to unite with one another, we must love one another. In order to love one another we must know one another. In order to know one another we must meet one another’. Above all we must pray that one-day the Church really will be one.

Lord, You have called us to be one, to live in unity and harmony, yet we are divided: race from race, faith from faith, rich from poor, old from young, neighbour from neighbour men from women…

Lord, whose cross brings all conflict to an end, break down the walls that separate us, tear down the fences of indifference and hatred; forgive us the sins that divide us, free us from pride and self-seeking, and help us to overcome our prejudices and fears; give us the courage to open ourselves to others; by the power of your Holy Spirit make us one. Amen.