‘You choose because you are chosen, you choose because at the heart of your desire to love, you have found the heart of God searching for you’ (Irish Bishops Conference)

This week we are invited to reflect on God’s calling to each one of us because that calling is what we call our mission or vocation. We are all created for a reason. God does nothing without a purpose; so what is it that he created each one of us for? No matter what our skills and talents, they can be put to the service of God and others. It is in being the person that we were created to become that we fulfill our Mission to share the Good News of God’s loves to all people.

The call of the Lord is felt in the joy of the heart, and the desire to be like him in the world. It is also felt in great trust; his faithfulness is like the lighthouse in the fog, the smile of a friend when times are difficult, the touch of the hand of a friend in the dark. Lord, give us trust to believe in your faithfulness, courage to follow what is best and right in our lives and the joy of knowing that real life is life in your company.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen