I have often regretted my speech, but never my silence.

We all have a precious gift, the gift of being able to be a listener. Without listening we can never get to know each other or become aware of each other’s needs. To listen is to be on the receiving end of communication and is just as important as speaking – without a listener what is the point of a message? Just to have someone to listen can be a wonderful support in times of sadness or anxiety.

God, too, wants us to be listeners – that is how we can get to know Him and grow closer to Him. If we listen to God, who speaks within our hearts, we will be aware of who it is listening to us when we pray.

Father, we know that You listen each time we pray;
You are the great listener!
Help us to remember to pray; to give You the chance to listen to us.
In our lives, let us meet people who listen.
It is a gift so precious and so rare!
And if You will, let each of us be, in our turn,
listeners to those who need it!
We ask this through Christ our Lord.